DC08A - 8 Channel DC Controller

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8 Channel DC controller for use with low voltage DC lights and our Syncrolight software package.

Allows individual control of each of the 8 output channels. Each channel supports on, off, brightness, fading as well as a range of other effects. This controller can be used stand-alone using the programmable built-in chase sequences to provide simple animation (e.g. Line of trees chasing, or a leaping arch), or as part of a network of Syncrolight controllers, running a Synchronised display from a Computer or Show Player. Our latest version (pictured) has removable plugs for easier wiring and short-ciruit and overload/overheat protection on each output.
Ideal for use with all our LED lights.

Additional suggested items (Not supplied) : Also available with lights and power supplies on our Display Builder page.


  • Programmable built-in chase sequences for stand-alone use
  • Fully assembled card.
  • Supplied uncased; must be installed in a suitable waterproof enclosure for use outside.
  • Screw terminals for power input and channel outputs.
  • Suitable for use with all our LED lights.
  • Fully CE and ROHS Certified.
  • Short Circuit and orverload protection on each output
  • Each channel supports On, Off and Brightness control as well as Fade up/Fade down and flashing effects
  • Optional RS-485 Termination (via PCB jumper)
  • Status LED
  • Reverse polarity protection on power input
  • Transient voltage protection on RS485 connections
  • Small size, suitable for mounting inside any suitable waterproof enclosure.



Product Id:DC08B
Operating Voltage:5-30v DC
Dimensions (approx):90mm x 45 mm x 25mm
Max recommended current:5 Amps
Max recommended (continuous) current per output:1 Amp
Approx Weight (KG):0.300

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