Commercial Light Displays

We have an experienced team who can Design, Build and Install professional light shows of all types for commercial environments:

Christmas Displays for Shops or Garden Centres

Christmas and Halloween Displays at Visitor Attractions

Bespoke lighting displays for Events or Attractions.

We can offer a wide range of light displays:

Light displays fully synchronised to music.

Light displays started on demand (i.e. interactive touch screen, button or external trigger).

Synchronised non-musical displays with multi-colour or colour changing effects.

LED lights, Addressable Pixels, LED strips, Floodlights, RGB lights,etc.

Displays that include the use of other equipment such as Fog Machines, Snow Machines, Projectors etc.

Large displays containing multiple synchronised items.

Small, stand alone, single controller displays for display stands or events.

Our service includes:

Lighting design to meet your budget and requirements.

On-site meetings and visits to discuss your exact requirements and our proposed design.

Light Show Sequencing (Musical or Non-musical).

Customisation - Our controllers and software can meet the needs of most projects, but if your project requires something different we can easily tailor our controllers or software to meet your exact project requirements.

Sourcing and building any special items that your display requires.

Full Installation Service (including lighting, control equipment, data cabling, network cabling and computer equipment).

Full Support and Spares for your installation.

Contact us on 01252 687136 or via our contact us page to discuss your requirements.