Light Show Programming

We can provide professional Light Show Sequencing for your display.

Music from list of selected tracks Other music or audio track
Upto 32 channels £40 (per minute) £80 (per minute)
Upto 100 channels £60 (per minute) £100 (per minute)
Upto 200 channels £100 (per minute) £200 (per minute)
Over 200 Channels Call for pricing

Prices quoted are for each minute of the audio track length (e.g. for a 2.5 minute track the price for up to 32 channel of a track selected from a list would be 2.5*40 = £100). Prices exclude VAT.

This service is only available between January and September. Tracks typically take 2-3 weeks from order.

Contact us on 01252 687136 or via our contact us page to discuss this service.