10 Amp Low Voltage AC to DC Converter Lead

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AC to DC Convertor lead with 2.1mm plug and bare wires. Built-in capacitor. Suitable to loads upto 10Amp (continuous) current. Ideal for use with our 2.5 Amp and 5 Amp AC power supplies.


  • 2.1mm Socket (or 2.1mm plug with included lead) on one end for AC input.
  • Bare wires on one end for DC Output / connection to DC equipment (such as our controllers).
  • In-line AC to DC Converter
  • Suitable for upto 40v
  • Contains 3300uf capacitor for smooth DC output
  • Metal enclosure


Product Id:CBL-AC-DC-10A
Max Load:10 Amp
Max Voltage:40V
Approx Weight (KG):0.200

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