24V 14.5 Amp (350 Watt) DC Power Supply

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Meanwell Power Supply with regulated 24V DC 14.5 Amp output May be used with our 24 Channel DC controller for powering multiple 24volt light strings (up to approx. 5000 LEDs or 50 strings of 100 LEDs). Please note that LED light strings are typically made for unregulated power supplies not regulated power supplies, and hence some light strings may not illuminate at full brightness (This varies between colours and batches).


  • Screw terminals at rear for input and output connections
  • Voltage Adjustment control for precise output voltage
  • Dual Voltage - 110v AC or 240v AC
  • Built-in cooling fan
  • Branded Power Supply (Meanwell)


Product Id:PS-24V-12A-SW
Input Voltage:110v or 240v (Voltage selection switch)
Output Voltage:24v DC
Max Output Current:14.5 Amps (350 Watt)
Width:115mm (approx)
Length:215mm (approx)
Height:30mm (approx)
Approx Weight (KG):0.900

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