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expanding my pixels, help with adding a star
so im going to be expanding my pixels for next year and im currently trying to work out how to add i pixel star, i have done the tree no bother, the star i have made is 50 outer ring 30 next ring and 20 inner ring if that makes sense, how do i create a visulisation of it so when designing shows if i group together the star and tree they will look right.
You can use the webcam pixel mapping tool in the Show Designer. Set up your star and configure a pixel item in the Show Designer, then connect a webcam and use the mapping tool. It will turn pixels on in turn and map the position automatically.

Alternatively you can create an excel spreadsheet and use that as a grid. Put the relevant pixel numbers in to corresponding cell to make a picture of your star. You can then import this into your pixel item in the Show Designer. You can tidy up in the pixel wiring screen and move pixels slightly if required.
Great thank you will give that a go. Will that also give me something that more resembles my star in the visualisation as well. As the star in there is only single strand round if that makes sense.
Yes it will give you the exact star in the visualisation. Once its mapped just add the pixel grid item to the visualisation. When you assign it to your pixel item it will be displayed as a star.

Have a look at the pixel tree sample sequence in the Show Designer. The tree has a pixel star on the tree, configured and in the visualisation.
Your a star ha ha. Worked a treat thanks.

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