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Newbie question

Having the showplayer and a dc08 controller , my questions are as follows:

1. How many light strings can I connect to each channel?

2. How far is max length extension recommended?

3. Any ideas on how to extend my led strips 

Thank you
Hi Allan,

1. Upto 80% capacity of your power supply. Max 1 amp per channel on the DC08 constant (or 2 to 3 Amps for a few seconds at a time) and upto 5 amps per controller.

2. Depends on the voltage. 20m is ok for 24v. The longer the length and lower the voltage, the more voltage drop you will get. To minimise voltage drop on long cable runs use thicker cable.

3. You can add wire to the start of the strip to extend. You can also usually solder wire onto the connectors at the end of the strip and add another strip as required. You will need to inject more power to additional strips to ensure constant brightness.

Also if you are using our light strings the power requirements are as follows:

Standard 100 led strings : 250ma
Standard 200 led strings : 500ma
Low energy 100 led strings : 50ma (these strings must not be used on a an unregulated power supply exceeding 1 amp, and must have the current limiting feature set to around 20% on the controller).

So you can have upto four standard 100 led light strings per channel, providing you have a sufficent power supply to run them. Our 5 Amp power supply will run upto 2000 leds max (10 sets of our 200 led strings).

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