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Hello & help with connecting RS485 controllers to SL-8000
Hi all,
I'm new to syncrolight and I must say I'm really impressed with their service and support.

I wonder if anyone may be able to help me with a network connection please. I have a Sl-8000 pixel control which I have set up and controlling pixels in slave mode. I want to connect my other RS485 controller's to this by the rs485 output on the SL-8000 and keep using it as a slave control, but I can't seem to figure out how to configure the ethernet network so that the other Rs485 controllers run from the SL-8000.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
The RS485 output on the SL-8000 runs from the SD Card only. I would suggest you start by running you show directly from the Show Designer, with the SL-8000 connected to the Ethernet and the RS-485 devices connected to the computer via the USB-RS485 lead (i.e. RS485 devices not connected to the SL-8000). You will need to create 2 networks in the Shows Designer, one for the RS485 and one for the Ethernet.

Once you have your show running, export your show to the SD Card of the SL-8000, then connect the RS-485 devices to the SL-8000.


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