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8 channel relay
Is it possible to use the 8 channel DC controller to activate an eight channel relay? I notice many examples of a raspberry Pi controlling an eight channel relay on the internet and I would like to do the same with my 8 ch controller.  If possible a wiring diagram would be useful as 'trial and error' is my usual practice, but in this case I do not want to burn out my syncrolight controller.  Any help will be appreciated.
Many thanks
Relays typically draw about 30mA for a 12v supply (up to about 100mA for lower voltages). They act as a switch which is 'activated' by a smaller voltage and current and can be used to switch 'mains' powered equipment on/off.
It is possible to control relays from your 8Channel DC controller, BUT - be aware that when the relay is switching off, it generates high voltage spikes which could damage the IC's and Transistors in the controller. You would need to consider putting a protective Diode across the relay.
There will be a delay in activation/deactivation of the relay compared to the 'immediate' switching on/off of your lights by the Transitors in the controller. You should be aware of that as well, as it may have an effect on your lights if they are synchronised to music.
Hope that helps

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