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Root element is missing
Any help would be grateful.
After doing some 'house keeping clean-up' on my computer, my previously running syncrolights software now displays 'Root element is missing' and will not work.  I have emptied the computers Recycle bin so I cannot reverse my previous actions.  I have tried reinstalling the software but to no avail. I am not a computer wizard, and was so grateful that the set up and use is so simple.  So please show some sympathy for me in your reply's.  Many thanks.  Hope this is the right place to visit for this type of help.
could be that when you had a 'clean out' of your computer, that you've inadvertently deleted a .NET part of windows.
Check for windows updates and install any that you need, and that may reinstall any parts that you may have deleted.
If you are getting this error when opening the Show Designer it may be failing to open your last saved show ; as the Show Designer automatically opens the last saved show. Check your Recent.dat file (located in either C:\Users\<YOUR USER>\AppData\Roaming\SyncroLight or C:\Users\<YOUR USER>\AppData\Local\SyncroLight) to see what file it is trying to open (topmost filename inside the Recent.dat file). Alternatively delete the Recent.dat file, the Show Designer will re-create it when you next save a show.

Note that the AppData folder is usually marked as hidden so be sure that "Show hidden,files, folders and drives" is selected in the "Folder Options" settings of Windows Explorer.

Let me know how you get on.

Many thanks for your help on this matter. I reinstalled windows and it would appear that I did delete part of .Net.
All sort now. Thanks to you all once again.

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