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ethernet controllers over wifi
hi all is it possible to connect ethernet controllers to a ethernet through powerline device to save on the hassle of running loads of ethernet cable everywhere? thanks in advance
Thought I'd try to give you some sort of reply, seeing as you've waited so long.
If you've already got the Powerline device, then give it a try. If you've not got Powerline (or similar), I'd be very wary of spending the money on them just for this application.
Without getting too technical, high frequency digital signals actually travel along the surface of the conductor. There's problems with attenuation (distortion) of the signals. If the fixed wiring in your house is old, or has poor connections, sharp bends in the wiring, this could lead to increased 'surface tension' and further loss of signal/data. Low frequency signals/current travel through the centre of the conductor (e.g. 50Hz mains supply or 60Hz in the states)
When you look at HDMI cables that are silver coated copper conductors - this is to reduce the attenuation of high frequency digital signals
Hope that gives you some idea

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