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dc08 controllers convert to 5v
hi all i have a bunch of dco8 controllers at home from last years display and was wondering how to convert them to work as 5v instead of 7-24v?
Hi Jack,

The DC08 controllers were not designed for 5v operation, but you can adapt them by creating a short at the indicated point on the PCB (See image).  Once this is done you must ONLY use 5V with the controller. Any higher voltage will damage the controller.


Also depending on your setup (cable length/connected lights etc), if you find the modified 5v controller keeps resetting when all outputs are turned on you also need to change one of the capacitors on the PCB for one with a higher value to prevent the controller being starved of power (Or move the controller closer to the power supply and/or use thicker cable).

If you are not confident at doing these modification, we can happily modify your existing controllers for a small charge, or supply new controllers adapted for 5v operation.

Alternatively you can always use the DC24 controller which works happily with 5v without any modification.

Hope that helps


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