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in-line fuses between power supply and pixels
hi all am installing fuses between the power supplies and 2801 pixel strings and was wondering what the recommended fuse would be 
many thanks jack
Going off the details of the 2801 strings - 9.6W/m @5v.
So that would work out at 9.6Amps load for a full 5m string. Calculating fuse rating is approx. 135% of expected load which would be 12.96A. The nearest standard fuse is 13Amp and nearest automotive fuse is 15Amp (which is a bit on the high side).
I'm assuming your power supplies are not 'constant current', and you're concerned about the LEDs heating slightly and the voltage drop across the LEDs decreasing slightly, which will encourage the current to increase. Make sure your fuses are rated above 5 volts as well (won't really be a problem as most are well rated above that).
Hope that helps Jack


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