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Ethernet Controller issues - steve1200 - 23-12-2020

Hi Everyone, i have run into an issue with my ethernet pixel controller looking for some advice.

everything was working fine until I upgraded my internet router.
the controller was set to a static ip address and was working fine before the upgrade.
it was plugged into a 24 port switch.
after the router was upgraded the controller stopped working.
after lots of investigation i have removed the controller from my main network, its now just the PC and ethernet controller connected to a simple switch.
two connections no router, no DHCP just two devices that were on fixed IP addresses.
both devices and switch have flashing port lights

i cant ping the ip address
i cant see the device in the syncrolight device manager
i cant reset the ip address using the device manager.
its the only ethernet controller and i cant believe that i would have changed the mac address but its possible

question is - can the card be reset back to default in any way ?