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Help!? - Kent Jørgen Ryan - 10-12-2020

I have the lightshow pack, and everything worked fine until yesterday? I have the show to play the entire list, (the hold down button and power up to change play mode) 
But after the 1 song, and in the middle of next song, it crash? The music stops and one channel start flashing light. 

Please help! What to do? 
I have tried to change mode to button press, then it works, but not while playing the entire list. :Sad

RE: Help!? - Craig - 10-12-2020

Check the SD card. If everything was working and nothing has be changed then its likely to be a corrupt file on the SD Card.

RE: Help!? - Kent Jørgen Ryan - 10-12-2020

Everything was working until yesterday. Playing show once a day every day from 30.November until yesterday when it suddenly stoped.

How to check memory card? How ca i see if something is corrupted?
I have now usb connection and i see every file is on card. But, cant se whats wrong?

New on this, and don’t understand what I am looking for?

And. If there are corrupted files there, how to fix? Is there a place to download everything again?

Can I then delete the entire card, and transfer all the original files and shows back?

RE: Help!? - Craig - 10-12-2020

Plug the sd card into a computer and scan the disk for errors. Yes we can send you the files. If it stops on the same track, move that file off the sd card (or into a new folder on the sd card) and see if the other tracks play.

RE: Help!? - Kent Jørgen Ryan - 10-12-2020

Thx. I wil try that. Then contact you again for the files if needed Smile