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  Mega tree help
Posted by: magical46 - 26-09-2016, 11:44 AM - Forum: General - Replies (4)

Hi I did just email this question in but thought I'd ask on here too as others may be interested. I currently have one SD card controller with one set of WS2801 pixel lights which is fine for my little halloween show, but for my xmas show I wanted to add two more sets of the same lights to make a small mega tree (can you have a small mega tree ?!!!), but how do I wire the extra light strings to the controller or to each other? Do I wire all the strings into the same slots on the controller? Also how do I set the controller configatration up in device manager? Do I set the out puts to 3.
One other thing with just the one string connected how many channels do I set, is it one per bulb i.e.50 or one for each colour per bulb?

Finally any general tips for creating a mega tree?

Sorry thats a lot of questions in one, but for us novices any help is appreciated Smile 


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  Designing a Light Show
Posted by: Craig - 25-09-2016, 06:05 PM - Forum: General - No Replies

Here are some tips on how to build a great light show:

1) PLANNING - Planning is critical. If you just throw lights around your garden without much thought you can easily just end up with a bunch or random flashing lights. To avoid this take time to plan your display.

  • Grouping - Try to group features (such as tree, bushes, stars etc) into lines. By doing a chase down the line you introduce the sense of movement into your display. Lines of 3 or more work best. Ideally 6 or 8.
  • Colour - Use colour carefully. Use the same colours on all your features. If your budget allows put 2 or 3 colours on all features. This is something you can build up over the years. For example if you have a line of trees, wrap them all in white one year and then add red a following year. By having different colours on your features you can be very creative with colour by doing colour changes or muti-colour chases. It also makes for a good finale as you can turn all lights on in all colours at the end of a song.
  • Features - Try to plan in a few different features if your budget will allow. This will give you greater flexibility when sequencing your show and enable you to keep your viewers interest.
  • Be Selective - When designing your display don't try to do too much in one year. Light displays can take a lot of time to plan, sequence and setup. Start small and build on your display each year. Have a final idea of what you want in your display, and work on little bits each year.

  • Music - Choose music carefully. Some traditional UK Christmas songs are very repetitive and can come tedious to program and to watch. Go for music with frequent changes in beat, tempo etc. For can follow these changes with the lights and keep the viewers interest.  Watch other peoples videos for ideas on music etc. Music from TSO (Trans Siberian Orchestra) is very popular and great for using in light shows.
  • Use lights selectively - Do not use all your lights all the time. Keep the viewers interest by focusing attention on different parts of the display, changing to another part of the display whenever the rhythm of the music changes. On small displays this is difficult to achieve as you have limited lights to play with.
  • Try to capture the feel of the music - Use the lights and colors carefully to match the feel of the music. Think of your lights as the dancers on a stage and you are the choreographer.
  • Show Designer - Ensure that you setup your display items correctly to get the most from the Software. Many people do not use the grouping in the Show Designer correctly. Be sure to use the advanced mode, and rather than creating Window1, Window2, Window3 create a single Display Item group called Windows, which contains each of the windows as segments. You can then quickly create chases around the windows, or turn all windows on in one color by using the top grid in the Show Designer. You can still control each window separately by using the bottom grid.
  • Timing - Be sure to get your timings in the Show Designer spot on. Tap out the beats using the 'Beat Insertion tool' and then align your events to these beats. You can shuffle events left and right or change the duration using the toolbar or shortcut keys (CTRL LEFT, CTRL RIGHT, CTRL+, CTRL-).
Hope these few pointers help.


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  Wiring up RGB strip to controller
Posted by: Bullet1986 - 23-09-2016, 12:59 PM - Forum: General - Replies (1)

Hi everyone

I'm very new to all of this. Did my first display last year. 

I am looking to add approximately 25mtrs of RGB led strips to border my house for this year but I don't understand how to wire them up.

Would anyone be able to send me a link to a video that shows how to do this? At present I have an 8 channel mains controller but know I'll need more if I go ahead. Also how do I connect the 5m strips to eachother and will one power source run the whole.lot? 


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  Singing Pumpkins and Pumpkin Face
Posted by: ForumAdmin - 10-09-2016, 03:04 PM - Forum: Halloween - Replies (15)

We get many requests for Halloween Sequences featuring a talking pumpkin face. To help anyone looking to do such a Halloween sequence this year, here is a compete Syncrolight sequence for the song "This is Halloween". The attached sequence also contains the visualisation file.

We cannot include the audio for copyright reasons, so you will need to purchase this from somewhere. I have uploaded a video of the sequence with audio to YouTube to help you get the right audio.


The sequence demonstrates a large pumpkin face with moving eyes and mouth, as well as a group of pumpkins (not sure what you call a group of pumpkins exactly - maybe a Pumpkin Patch). The display is also framed with an addressable LED strip. The pumpkins are configured to be RGB, but this can be changed.


.zip   ThisIsHalloweenSequence.zip (Size: 108.52 KB / Downloads: 43)

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Posted by: ForumAdmin - 09-09-2016, 07:31 PM - Forum: General - No Replies

Smile  Welcome to our Syncrolight Forum.
Over the years we have had lots of requests from our Customers for a forum.
Well here you go... We finally we got round to setting one up for you all!
Hope you all Enjoy.

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