Connectable LED Strobe Light String (12 Strobes)

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String of 12 LED Strobe lights. Up to 20 sets can be connected together. Ideal for: Christmas, Halloween, Disco, Parties, etc. Suitable for stand-alone use or as part of a light show with our AC Controller.


  • 3 LEDs per strobe
  • Bright LED's
  • Can be extended - end of string contains a connector to add additional sets.
  • Up to 20 sets (240 strobes) can be connected together
  • Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor use
  • Each strobe has 2 mounting holes
  • Mains voltage with UK Plug


  • Strobe String (12 strobes 6m) with weatherproof connector and removable end cap
  • Power Cord (1.5m) with UK plug and weatherproof connector
  • Extension Cord (5m) with weatherproof connecter



Product Id:STB-12-240v-6m
Power:240V AC
Spacing betwwen lights:50cm
Length Bulb to Bulb:6m
Length Plug to first Bulb:6.5m (or1.5m without extension)
Flash Rate:60 times / min
LED type:SMD5050
Led Colour:Cool White (Bright White) 6500k
Power Cord:1.5m
Approx Weight (KG):0.900

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