Generic Christmas Sequences - Pack 2

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Pack of 3 ready to use Syncrolight Christmas Sequences. These generic sequences include music tracks for displays of upto 32 channels. Includes different pre-built sequences for configurations with 8, 16, 24 and 32 channels. This pack is designed for those people who are just starting on light displays or those that need an instant display without spending time sequencing. These sequences are based on our Show Builder sequences but using generic layouts. If you prefer a more tailored solution you may wish to consider our Show Builder sequences instead. This pack is available as a download only. Once purchased the pack will be accessible from the "Your Account" section of our website.


  • Suitable for upto 32 channel displays
  • Suitable for use with our DC08 and AC08 controllers.
  • Requires Syncrolight Software with Standard or Professional Licence (available separately)
  • Includes Music Tracks and pre-build Syncrolight sequences
  • Also includes generic visualisation files for use with the Show Designer
  • Also includes sample schedule files for use with the Syncrolight Show Player


  • Sequence 1 - Merry Christmas Everyone - Shaking Stevens
  • Sequence 2 - Wizards in Winter - TSO
  • Sequence 3 - Nutrocker - TSO


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  • Shaking Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone (MP3)

  • TSO - Nutrocker (MP3)

  • TSO - Wizards in Winter (MP3)