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Basic RGB Light String (Pixel style) Set of 50 Pixel style RGB LEDs in a light string. The colour of the entire string can be controlled with a suitable controller (Such as our DC08 or DC03 controllers). The lights require 5V DC and are common anode type (e.g. 4 Wires : Common+, Red -, Green-, Blue -). These lights require a suitable 5v Power supply and a suitable controller. These can easily be controlled by our 3 and 8 Channel DC controllers. (For best result we recommend a minor modification is made to the controller to make it 5v. We can provide instructions for this or can provide a ready modified controller with the lights). These pixels are non-addressable, you can control the colour of the entire string together, but you cannot control LEDs individually like with WS2801 pixels.


  • RGB - Colour of entire string can be controlled
  • 1m Lead Wire
  • Extendable. Multiple sets can be wired together.


Product Id:PXL-RGB
Operating voltage:5V DC
Space between each LED:10cm (approx)
Lead wire:1m (Bare Wires)
Approx Weight (KG):0.550

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