144 LED Animation Lighting Pack

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Complete animation lighting pack, ideal for making small animated items such as stars. This pack also makes an ideal starter kit as it contains power supply and lights at a great price. If this is your first controller be sure to select the 'With USB-RS485 Cable' option, as one of these cabels is required to connect your first controller to the computer. This pack is part of our DIY range. In our DIY range, the controller is supplied fully assembled and without any case. The controller can be used indoors without a case, but must be mounted in a weatherproof enclsure if used outdoors. Ideal for Christmas, Halloween, Parties, Wedings etc.


  • The controller contains screw terminal block style connections for Power input, Output and Data connections
  • Fully compatable with other SyncroLight controllers and SyncroLight Software


  • 24V 600ma Power Supply
  • Fully Assembled DC08 controller (without case)
  • 8 Sets of Warm White LED Lights (18 LED's per Set)
  • All Cables for connecting lights and power


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