SL-8000 Show Player and Pixel Controller

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Our amazing new SL-8000 controller allows you to run a complete light show with music without needing a computer to run the display. The built in Show Player will connect and control all Syncrolight Ethernet and RS485 controllers. The SL-8000 has several operating modes that allow light shows to be played either continuously, at a given interval, on a button press, or via our Show Selector. It also has a battery backed clock and full scheduler allowing you to schedule shows for specific times. Light shows and audio are played directly from the MicroSD card of the unit. The controller also has a Slave mode to allow the unit to be used as a Pixel Controller from a computer or another Show Player. This controller has 8 Pixel output ports. For 3 wire pixels (like 2811/2812 that have a single data cable) 4 of clock outputs can be used as additional outputs, giving you 12 individually controllable outputs. The SL-8000 is capable of controlling 8000 pixels for continuous control of at least 24Hz (Using 8 Outputs of 1,000 pixels). For 3 Wire Pixels like 2811 / 2812 it can control 12,000 of at least 24Hz (using 12 outputs of 1,000 pixels). The controller can support up to a maximum of 24,000 Pixels but the refresh rate will be lower, depending upon pixel type used. Unconfigured outputs also function as a signal splitter, mirroring another output. This allow you to connect up to 16 outputs and have all pixels strings function the same. For example, configure 1 output of 1,000 pixels with a 1,000 pixels licence, and all outputs will mirror output 1. (8 Outputs for 4 wire Pixels, 16 Outputs for 3 wire Pixels). This controller also supports 'Idle' sequences when in push button or scheduled modes. These 'Idle' sequences are typically non-musical shows that play in-between timed shows or whilst waiting for a button press. The number of pixels supported on the supplied controller is limited by a pixel license. The controller is supplied with the licence installed, additional licences can be purchased at a later date should you wish to use more pixels. Pixel licences can be transferred and shared across any of our Pixel controllers. Pixel licences are issued FREE if pixels are purchased from us. The Sycrolight Software Package is required to configure this controller and prepare shows for the Micro SD Card. Optional Essentials Pack includes :
  • SanDisk Ultra 16GB Micro SD Card Class 10 (with standard SD Card adaptor)
  • CR2032 Battery
  • PCB Standoffs and Screws
  • One spare 1 amp PCB fuse
  • Two spare 10 amp output fuses
  • 2m Audio Cable
  • 1m Ethernet Cable
  • 2m RS485 Data Cable
  • PCB Jumber (for RS485 Termination)


  • Micro SDCard Slot
  • Audio Output (Requires Amplifier and Speakers - Not Supplied).
  • 8 Pixel Outputs (4 Wire Pixels) / 12 Pixel Outputs + 4 duplicated outputs (3 Wire Pixels).
  • Supports 12,000 Pixels running at 24Hz (3 Wire Pixels).
  • Supports 8,000 Pixels running at 24Hz (4 Wire Pixels).
  • Supports upto a Maximum of 24,000 Pixels.
  • Scheduler with Battery Backed Clock (CR2032 Battery Required).
  • Serial RS485 output for control of Syncrolight controllers (DC08, DC24, AC08 etc).
  • Ethernet Output for control of other Syncrolight Ethernet Devices.
  • Support for 2811,2812, 8806 and 2801 Pixels.
  • Can be used Standalone or as a Slave from our Software Package or another Ethernet Show Player.
  • Built in temperature sensor with overheat protection and optional fan output.
  • 8 ATO Fuses for Pixel Outputs.
  • Suitable for 5v, 12v or 24v Pixels (Voltage selection via PCB Jumber).
  • On board button for show triggering (in Button Mode) with an option for an external button.


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