24 Channel DC Controller

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24 Channel DC controller for use with low voltage DC lights and our Syncrolight software package.

Allows individual control of each of the 24 output channels. Each channel supports on, off, brightness, fading as well as a range of other effects. This controller can be used stand-alone using the programmable built-in chase sequences to provide simple animation (e.g. Line of trees chasing, or a leaping arch), or as part of a network of Syncrolight controllers, running a Synchronised display from a Computer or SD Card Controller.
Ideal for use with all our LED lights.

Additional suggested items (Not supplied) : Supports Syncrolight and DMX Protocols. High current version with heat-sinks is prepared to order. Please call for availability.


  • Programmable built-in chase sequences for stand-alone use
  • Fully assembled card.
  • Supplied uncased; must be installed in a suitable waterproof enclosure for use outside.
  • Screw terminals for power input and channel outputs.
  • Suitable for use with all our LED lights
  • 12 x 5 amp replaceable automotive fuse (1 fuse to 2 outputs).
  • Overheat, Overcurrent and Short Circuit Protection on each output
  • Dual voltage support (Dedicated power input per 12 outputs - allowing 2 different power supplies to be used at same of different DC voltage)
  • Each output contains built-in LED indicator on PCB
  • Optional Heat-Sinks for high current use.
  • Each channel supports On, Off and Brightness control as well as Fade up/Fade down and flashing effects
  • Optional RS-485 Termination (via PCB jumper)
  • Status LED
  • Reverse polarity protection (For PCB)
  • Transient voltage protection on RS485 connections
  • Supports DMX and Syncrolight Protocols
  • Built-in temperature sensor with output for external fan
  • Built-in button for switching between built in sequences and setting configuration settings
  • Suitable for Commercial Installations
  • Configurable fade curves for smooth fading



Product Id:CTRL-DC24C
Operating Voltage:5-30v DC
Dimensions (approx):155mm x 133mm x 30mm
Max recommended current (without heatsinks):2 x 20 Amp (20 Amps per 12 outputs)
Max recommended current per output (without heatsinks):4 Amps per channel
Max recommended output per channel (with heatsinks and cooling fan):8 Amps per channel
Approx Weight (KG):0.500