Plug & Play 8 Channel DC Light Controller

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Our DC08A controller, all fully assembled and pre-wired in an outdoor case, just plug in low-voltage lights, power supply and data connection (optional). This controller can be used stand-alone using the programmable built-in chase sequences to provide simple animation (e.g. Line of trees chasing, or a leaping arch), or as part of a network of controllers, running a Synchronised display from a Computer or SD Card Controller. Also available with lights and power supplies on our Display Builder page.


  • Supplied fully assembled in weatherproof outdoor case
  • Weatherproof connectors
  • Built-in programmable chase sequences for standalone use
  • Easy to use, ideal for beginners
  • 8 x 2.1mm DC Output sockets
  • 1m cable length between controller and output sockets
  • Each channel supports On,Off and Brightness control as well as Fade up/Fade down and flashing effects
  • Fully compatible with our LED Light strings, simply plug in up to 8 sets
  • Uses our Plug and Play range of data cables for easy connection to other controllers or computer
  • Extendable, just add more controllers to expand your display
  • Suitable for use with our SyncroLight software package (Computer connection requires a USB-485, available separately).
  • Available with or without power supply.
  • 5m Power cable (includes AC/DC Converter for use with either AC or DC power supply) with 2 pin plug to fit into power supply.


Product Id:CTRL-DC08A-PP
Input voltage:7-30V AC or DC
Max current:5 Amps
Approx Weight (KG):1.120