AC08 - 8 Channel 240V Controller

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240V AC Lighting Controller allowing control of up to eight 240v outputs. Allows control of 240V AC lighting equipment in a Syncrolight light display. Suitable for use with Syncrolight Software package. Can also be used stand-alone using programmable built-in sequences. USB-RS485 Cable required (available separately) for computer connection. Multiple controllers can be connected together on a single USB-RS485 cable. Available with or without enclosure. Also available with a cabling pack containing : 1 x UK Plug and 1m cable (For powering the controller) 8 x trailing sockets each with 1m cable. (For plugging in any 240v liights - sockets must be located indoors or inside a suitable enclosure)


  • Each channel has its own fast acting fuse
  • 13 Amps capacity - Supplied with heatsink for use upto 5 Amps Max per channel
  • Supports full AC dimming
  • Unpluggable Screw terminals for power input and channel output
  • Available with or without Case
  • Programmable built-in sequences for stand-alone use.
  • Can be used stand-alone or be controlled from a computer using Syncrolight Software
  • Compatible with other Syncrolight Controllers.



Product Id:CTRL-AC08
Input Voltage:240V AC
Max total current:13 Amps
Max recommended current per output:5 Amps
Approx Weight (KG):0.400

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