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large item mapping
hello guys,
I'm hoping someone can help. 
I have made a 15 foot long display item from pixels and am having trouble mapping it for the wiring.
there are 90 pixels running along the top at a 2inch spacing and 30 drops of 7 pixels at 1.5inch spacing (300 pixels).
It is all wired in series with the drops wired 1,3,5,7,6,4,2 and then across the top pixels to the next drop
Because it is so wide it is difficult to use the mapping tool accurately as the webcam has to be so far away to get the whole thing in view!
Also I am limited on space to set it up inside which adds to the difficulty.
I am using an ETH-08 and a SL-8000 controller. Am I right in thinking that it can be mapped somehow in excell?
any feedback would be much appreciated.
Yes you can do it in excel, put the pixel numbers in the appropriate cells, save as csv then import layout into the pixel item. On the import screen select the file type .csv.
once again, many thanks for your prompt reply, (on a Saturday no less).
all working perfectly now. Thanks for your help.

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