SyncroLight Controller for Pixel Lights and LED Strip
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Pixel Light string and addressable 8806 LED strip controller
  • Light Sequences can run directly from the SD card.
  • Additional Sequences can be created with our SyncroLight software package.
  • Includes SD Card pre-loaded with several sequences and a configuration utility.
  • Can also be controlled from a PC using our SyncroLight Software package (USB-RS485 interface required).
  • Controller supports LED lights with 8806, 1803 and 2803 chipsets.
  • Multiple SD Card play modes (repeat single sequence, play all sequences and play selected sequences).
  • Can also be used to control other SyncroLight Controllers.
  • Multiple output support - 4 separate output ports are available for the connection and control of up to 1020 led’s/pixels.
  • CE and ROHS Certified.

The controller has the following selectable operating modes:
  • Stand-alone (default) - Plays sequences stored on SD Card. Ideal for stand-alone use.
  • Slave - Runs on a SyncroLight 485 network along with other SyncroLight controllers. Lights are controlled from a PC running the SyncroLight Software or another controller acting as a network master.
  • Network Master - Plays sequences from the SD card and also sends messages over the SyncroLight 485 network to control lights connected to other controllers.
  • Auto Detect - If a network master or PC running SyncroLight Software is detected on the 485 network, the controller operates as a slave, being controlled from the network master or PC. If no network master or PC is detected, the controller runs sequences from the SD card.

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