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Synchronised Lighting

Our Low-Cost Light Controllers , Software and LED lighting will enable you to put on computer controlled light shows that are beautifully synchronised to Music.

We are UK based and can provide all the advice and equipment you need for spectacular light shows for Christmas, Halloween or any event.

All our LED Light Strings and Meteor Lights are all suitable for standalone use in traditional Christmas lighting Displays as well as for use with our Light Show Controllers.

LPD8806 Now available with Black PCB
Meteor Lights
Meteor Lights

3 Sizes Available
from £43.99
Static LED Lights
LED Lights

Various Colours
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Synchronised Lighting - Christmas Light Show Bring your Christmas Light Display alive this year by synchronising lights to music with our Controllers and Software. Synchronised Lighting - Halloween Light Show Lighting displays can be done at other times of year too! Perfect for Halloween, Parties, Birthdays, Weddings etc.