Lighting, Controllers and Software for spectacular light shows synchronised to Music

All our Lighting is suitable for standalone use in traditional lighting displays as well as for use with our Light Shows Controllers and Software.

Create your own amazing Light Show

We have all the equipment and knowledge you need for creating Synchronised Light Shows. Take a look at the information below and our range of controllers. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we're here to help.

  • How it Works

    Light shows are computer controlled using special software and lighting controllers. Light shows are often musical, but can be done without music.

  • Getting Started

    It’s easy to get started. Our system is fully expandable so you can start with just a few sets of lights and add more as you need.

  • Design

    Lights shows often require more thought than traditional Christmas displays. Colour and animation need to be considered and utilised in the display where appropriate.

  • Installation

    All our controllers are easy to use and suitable for DIY installation. Professional installation can be provided by our approved installers.

Popular Products

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  • 800 LED Plug & Play Animation Lighting Pack
  • SyncroLight Controller for Pixel Lights and LED Strip
    From £59.99
  • Rainbow Pixel Star


Bring your Christmas Light Display alive this year by synchronising lights to music with our Controllers and Software.


Use music and light to create a spooky light show at Halloween. From scary effects to singing pumpkins, anything is possible.


Add a romantic twist to your traditional wedding reception. Use music and light to create stunning atmosphere that you and your guests will never forget.


Lights and music can be used to add sparkle to at any event. From Birthday Parties and Anniversaries to Exhibitions and Product Launches.